Saturday, August 14, 2010

Fantastic Desserts from the Real Women of Philadelphia

This week my home has been filled with the aroma of desserts!  As the Dessert Host for the Real Women of Philadelphia I have had the honor of making one dessert each day from the submissions for our dessert contest!  One recipe is chosen each day for sixteen weeks to win $500 and have the chance to be published in the Real Women of Philadelphia Community cook Book!

You can find the recipes and contest information at

Creamy Texas Pralines by Paula Todora

Southern Belle Peach Pineapple Cobbler with Lemon Curd Topping by Sandi

Pear Helene Philly with Butter Toasted Almonds by Donna Aveni

Nutty Cookie Cheese Bars by Charlene Chambers


  1. this is all so exciting! these are a wonderful representation of our gals, and what a wonderful pic of you in the RWoP kitchen!!! ciao bella

  2. Awesome job Kc! I think it's wonderful that you're spotlighting these delish desserts on your blog .... not to mention making them as well. I'll keep checking back! Kudos on the blog.... fun isn't it. Hugs ~V

  3. Thank you both! I am the one who should say thank you...for all the incredible recipe submissions! I can't wait until the next dessert week!