Summer Zucchini & Tomatoes with Polenta

Summer Zucchini & Tomatoes with Polenta

I absolutely adore ratatouille and find it well worth all the cutting, cubing and individual sautéing! But my daughter had recently developed a rather severe allergic reaction to eggplant, so severe in fact she now has to carry an EpiPen with her just in case. So, needless to say eggplant is now banned from my kitchen!

I developed this dish in hopes it would fulfill my summer yearning for the now impossible traditional ratatouille. Let’s face it, if you really adore eggplant you will miss its tangy flavor but I enjoyed this dish’s uncomplicated summer spirit and will serve it again! Both my husband and my daughter found this dish totally satisfying as a starter when served with thinly sliced, baked polenta.

Ingredients for 4 servings:

1 sweet onion rough chopped

2 zucchini rough chopped

2 ripe tomatoes rough chopped

2 T. olive oil

8 stems fresh thyme

salt & pepper to taste

12 ¼ inch slices polenta

Garlic Olive Oil

Method for the Veggies:

On high heat: 2 T. olive oil, add onions

When onion start to brown add zucchini

When zucchini starts to brown add thyme (removed from stems)

Shake pan and add salt and pepper

Reduce heat to low and add tomatoes

Stir well, cover and cook 10 minutes

Method for the Polenta:

Pre heat oven to 350

Rub baking sheet with olive oil and place polenta slice on the baking sheet

Spray or drizzle the polenta with a small amount of Garlic Olive Oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper

When you start the veggies put the polenta into the oven

Roast the polenta for 10 minutes then turn over
Roast for another 5 minutes

Remove from oven and place 3 slices on each plate along with a scoop of the veggies.

Serve immediately!

The Main Course:

For the main course I served a boneless chicken breast coated with flour then egg and then bread crumbs mixed with grated Parmesan. I had the chicken breasts ready for the pan prior to serving the polenta so all I had to do was sauté them. They were sautéed in olive oil and butter and the pan was deglazed simply with white wine and lemon juice. I poured this sauce over the breasts on the serving platter. Cold summer new potatoes and sliced green onions with a dressing of olive oil, champagne vinegar, salt and pepper were served on the side. Really nice flavor combinations and very easy dishes combined to make for a wonderful summer meal which we ended with a thin slice of Pecan Torta; yummy!