Friday, September 10, 2010

RWOP "Time Crunch" Dessert Week

As the Dessert Host for the RWOP, I have the great pleasure of making one dessert every day from the recipe submissions during each dessert week. I am so excited to share two of this week’s “Time Crunch” recipes. Time Crunch recipe submissions must use 5 ingredients or less, have two or three easy steps and take no more than 30 minutes to complete! Don’t we all need fast, easy and yummy desserts in our repertoire?

First up is Josee Lanzi’s Shortbread Caramel Cream Cookie Sandwiches. They are wonderful and are prepared in ten minutes and I found they disappeared in about the same amount of time ‘cause they are soooo good! Here’s the direct link to Josee’s recipe on the RWOP web site:


 There are literally hundreds of wonderful recipes, all using 2 ounces or more of Philadelphia Cream Cheese, for every occasion on the Real Women of Philadelphia web site. These recipes have all been submitted by great home cooks for a recipe contest sponsored by Paula Deen and Kraft Philadelphia Cream Cheese! Take a look at the rules; your recipe just may earn you $500 and the chance to be in the RWOP Community Cook Book to be published later this year!

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