Saturday, September 18, 2010

What's on the menu this week?

I always talk about cooking with fresh seasonal ingredients and how important that is to my cooking methods.   So I thought I’d start showing you what was available at the Saturday Sarasota Farmers Market each week. 
I’ll be using the fresh fruits and veggies that I chose early this morning as the foundation for our meals this week.  Parsnips, spaghetti squash, white acorn squash, new red potatoes, onion, Brussels sprouts, arugula, corn on the cob.
Yes I will have to supplement with other purchases from the market; the proteins and probably some other greens. 

We like salads every day and unfortunately the lettuce was not very good so I’ll be stopping at another produce vendor Monday to see if his are better.  Right now the only salad base ingredient I have is arugula which is my husband Filippo’s all time favorite and will give us salads today and tomorrow. 
The watermellon, star fruit and half of the cantalope went right into a fruit salad that was garnished with lime juice and chopped fresh basil from the pot on my patio; yum!
I feel this is going to be a good week food wise with the fruits and veggies purchased this morning.  I’m thinking I’ll whip up pizza dough for grilled pizza tonight.  Maybe top it off with a bit of the arugula..if Filippo will give some up!

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