Friday, March 18, 2011

No-No Odor

I love having our home smell great but if I have just fried fish, well let's face it, it just doesn't! Bread baking is lovely but Brussels sprouts certainly are not. Anything vanilla is heavenly to most everyone yet half the people I know can't stand the aroma of garlic. It can be a real problem to have clean air; not perfumed air...clean air!
So now I want to share a secret with you; Lampe Berger is the ultimate in home fragrance systems.  Amazingly Lampe Berger was Developed in France over 110 years ago to kill bacteria in hospitals!  Yes hospitals! The catalytic burner actually CLEANS the air in your home while eliminating all kinds of household odors.  If you have pets, a smoker, or a musty basement, you will be amazed at the Lampe Berger's ability to rid your home of all these odors.
I have two that I use all the time.  Are we a family stinkies?  I certainly hope not, but we do have a dog and a cat with the dreaded kitty litter box!  My Lampes Berger handle it all with ease by cleaning the air, not just perfuming it.
I know that Phine & Whimsey has a fabulous selection of lamps in many colors, shapes, sizes and price points.  Pop on over and take a quick look; I think you’ll be amazed at how beautiful the lamps are and once you own one you too will want to sing their praises!

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  1. I just ordered one from amazon and I am so excited to finally try it out. I have a 5 month old kitty and she certainly has a way of stinking up the home.