Thursday, November 14, 2013

Coffee Tart with Chocolate Sauce

Coffee Tart with Chocolate Sauce

Super easy and oh so delicious; a creamy coffee tart drizzled with the most amazing chocolate sauce!  You’ll never buy chocolate sauce again!
Chocolate Sauce:
·         100 grams Dark Chocolate
·         3 T. Water
·         70 grams Sugar
Coffee Tart:
·         1 Blind Bakes Pie Shell
·         ¼ cup Espresso
·         200 grams Sugar
·         130 grams Butter
·         6 eggs
1.       Combine butter and espresso and heat in microwave until butter is melted
2.       Beat eggs and sugar together until light buttery yellow
3.       Blend in the coffee/butter mixture
4.       Pour custard mixture into pie shell
5.       Bake in pre heated 325 oven for 1 hour 15 minutes
6.       Bring water to a boil in small sauce pan then add sugar and stir until dissolved
7.       Remove from heat and stir in chocolate pieces; continue stirring until chocolate is melted

8.       Slice tart and serve with chocolate sauce

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