Preparing Your Backyard For A Storm

When a huge storm is about to come, all you can think about is how you can keep you and your family safe by staying indoors, where no damage can happen. However, people usually neglect their backyards and don’t realize that a strong storm can destroy it. When the damage is done, they’d have to make a lot of effort to clean up their backyards from the mess that the storm caused. Here are a few tips on how to prepare your backyard for an incoming storm.

Take care of outside furniture

Most people would have furniture in their backyard, whether they are lounging chairs, outdoor tables, even tents. Any furniture that is outside of your home should be put inside during a heavy storm, to prevent it from flipping around because of the force of the wind. If the furniture is too heavy to be carried inside, you can make sure that it won’t move by securing them with brick blocks. You should also cover any furniture left in your backyard with waterproof covers so that you won’t end up having to wipe them dry after the storm.

Prevent electrical hazards

Electrical hazards can happen outdoors, which is what people might never think about. When it happens in your backyard, it can destroy your plants and possibly any animal that happens to pass through. Electric sockets that exist outdoors, usually for electric barbecue grills, should be well covered. Any cables that are put outside should be checked before the storm to make sure they don’t have a scar that can allow water to enter. If your children have a treehouse, it’s best to make sure there aren’t any electrical appliances in the treehouse during the storm.

Cut down wild branches

If your backyard has big trees, there is a chance that a branch will fall caused by the struck of lightning or by the force of the wind. In extreme cases, the whole tree might go down. This is another reason for you to keep furniture away from open spaces during the storm. You should also have electric chainsaws to chop off wild branches that have a risk of falling. It might seem like a lot to do, but it is better than the damage and clean up you’ll have to do after the storm if you haven’t prepared well.

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